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Aurora Gabriel is an extraordinary intuitive.  Whether giving an individual reading or channeling for a group, she demonstrates much multidimensionality in conveying both practical and esoteric guidance and information from personal guides and teachers from many lineages and lifetimes, crystal and elemental energies, planetary and galactic intelligences, ascended masters, archangels, divine mothers, and beings of light.  And, just as important, Aurora Gabriel is a true friend in Spirit, offering her service with great gentleness and a warm, open heart in true service to humanity. - Paul


I have consulted with Aurora for over 10 years as an intuitive, a teacher, and a dear friend. I have always benefited greatly from her messages, her humor, her remedies and her warmth.

  1. -Cameron


I've known Aurora for over 10 years and in that time I have seen her talents as a psychic flourish. When I decided to open Breathe Books, Aurora was the first person I wanted to have here as a regular reader. Her ability to translate and deliver messages has aided and comforted hundreds of customers. Her integrity as a reader and a human being shines through her work. I so highly recommend her -- she is simply one of the best psychics - and one of the loveliest people -  I've ever met."

  1. -Susan L. Weis, proprietress, Breathe Books


I sincerely believe my experiences with Aurora have been nothing but genuine.  My feeling is that I've been led to Aurora's work to have the opportunity to verify and have confidence in my own intuition which has allowed me to sense the divinity of my ordinariness.  In the presence of the Holy Mothers and other spiritual beings, I feel as if I'm sitting on Holy ground and what comes up out of the intimacy of the moment is an overwhelming sense of how precious life is and how committed I am in doing the best I can to preserve my wholeness with love, grace and gratitude.  That's how this work has impacted my life.

- Carol

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