I attended many workshops and have had readings from Aurora. I felt an expansion in energies and conciousness in those sessions. I believe Aurora is one of the most loving, authentic and down to earth  people I've ever met. She is truly talented in utilizing her spiritual gifts to help others.                             from John C. in PA

I sincerely believe my experiences with Aurora have been nothing but genuine.  My feeling is that I've been led to Aurora's work to have the opportunity to verify and have confidence in my own intuition which has allowed me to sense the divinity of my ordinariness.  In the presence of the Holy Mothers and other spiritual beings, I feel as if I'm sitting on Holy ground and what comes up out of the intimacy of the moment is an overwhelming sense of how precious life is and how committed I am in doing the best I can to preserve my wholeness with Love, grace and gratitude.  That's how this work has impacted my life.

            from Carol A.,  Baltimore, MD

Aurora has been bringing life-enriching messages to groups for 8 years during her Channelings at Yoga in Common in Myrtle Beach SC.  Her Channelings, which are group meditation sessions, where she brings forward messages from specific Beings, Angels, or Star Nations, are growing in attendance.  Everyone who comes feels informed and energetically charged.  All of Aurora’s readings and Channelings involve messages of Love as we work to better understand ourselves.  We are blessed that Aurora has been guided to be a part of the Myrtle Beach area helping us all to grow and change in Light and Love.

               from Linda Phillips, Owner, Yoga in Common, Myrtle Beach, SC

Aurora has been an inspirational speaker,  channel  and source of Wisdom for many years!  She has the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and give clear, Spirit based information, support and guidance.  Aurora has made an impact on my discernment process, and it is with Love and Gratitude that I always welcome her Wisdom.  I have recommended her to many friends, who also enjoy her guidance.

              from Maureen C. in Ardmore PA

Aurora serves as a steady vocalizer for our guides and teachers in spirit, delivering clear messages that are loving, honest, and supportive. As if looking directly through the universe's magnifying glass, Aurora provides an enhanced view of the circumstances woven into your life. Her delivered perspective stokes the fire of your inner strength and leaves you feeling lifted. Soul healing! 

              from Robert F. in Baltimore MD